My Story

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.

Joseph Campbell

Hi, thanks for visiting! I’m Cristina Gecolea and I love advertising, Marketing Communications, and public-speaking!

Professional Background

I work in Digital Branding, Social Media and Content Marketing. Currently, I’m the Digital Marketing Intern at the Dilawri Group of Companies.  I’M LOOKING FOR MY NEXT GREAT CAREER ADVENTURE!

Community Commitments

I volunteer with event organization and photography for ESV Meetup

Me kayaking at Bowen Island, BC on Thanksgiving

I rock at

  1. writing
  2. photography
  3. design
Sunset canoe I did at Widgeon Falls, BC

I enjoy

  1. bubble tea
  2. red wine
  3. board games

I love

  1. ramen and sushi
  2. chocolate
  3. intermittent fasting

I appreciate you being here,  Namaste!

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