Guest Blog/Exchange

Benefits of Guest Blogging for Styx Communications

  1. Extra Exposure: your blog entry will be showcased and cross-posted on my Facebook timeline, Tumblr and Twitter feeds, and/or LinkedIn profile (provided the content is relevant).
  2. Writing Practice: self-explanatory. For those interested in contributing only images i.e. photography-based, that’s fine! No writing needed. I can write the blog post to introduce you and link back to your portfolio or website so people can visit you at your homepage.
  3. Kindness Factor: Your contribution is immensely appreciated and visible for all my friends, family, classmates, colleagues and followers/fans to see!
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I welcome photographers, educators, journalists, editors, writers, bloggers and followers of Styx Communications to contribute blog posts and/or write with me!

What You Need To Know

There’s no word limit (or minimum requirement) for your contribution. I do have a preference for bite-sized content (200-500 words). If you have something longer, I will post it in installments on a weekly basis. If you wish, I can also just guest blog for you! Let me know, thanks!!!

What I Want From You

I would like to feature smart, fun and respectful content that show your POV, share your thoughts and observations, or perhaps tips/tricks on a variety of topics related to learning, reading, games (video or board), etc. Content should add value to people’s daily lives or inspire them to act! Below is are fields in which submissions are welcome:

Art, Photography, Graphic Design, Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Public Relations, Media Relations, Social Media, Consumer Advocacy, Law, Sports, Kinesiology, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Higher Education, Spirituality, Acts of Kindness, Books, Movies, Gaming, Travel, Culture, Languages, Food, Recipes, Landscapes, Domesticated Pets, Wild Animals, Cool Places, Hot Destinations, Vacation Spots

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