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Click my name below to send me an email. I’m on various social media networks including so feel free to connect. Thanks!

Cristina Gecolea

I’m also a tennis ambassador so when you use my coupon code “xinageco” at Alien Pros, you get a 15% discount on your tennis, badminton, golf and baseball purchases 🙂

Now a Certified Life Coach!

As of 2020, I now offer communications consulting and private and small group coaching services. My specialty is intimate communications and relationships of all kinds. Please have a look at my Certified Life Coach Cristina Teespring shop for tools to help you. Thanks!

— ABOUT ME Prior to 2020 —

Hello! I’m a Communications Specialist working in Public Relations; this means deep involvement in Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned Media. I get to do really cool stuff like Copywriting, Advertising, Digital Branding, and Graphic Design! My superpowers are charismatic Public Speaking, Brand Identity Design, and Digital Photography!

SC - alice walker quote
Styx Communications has been rebranded to Heal You on Facebook
Styx Communications has been rebranded to Heal You on Facebook

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