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Crissy 2018

Hello! I’m a Communications Specialist working in Public Relations; this means deep involvement in Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned Media. I get to do really cool stuff like Copywriting, Advertising, Digital Branding, and Graphic Design! My superpowers are charismatic Public Speaking, Brand Identity Design, and Digital Photography!

I’m bilingual in English and Filipino (Tagalog) with Spanish as my 2nd language. In college, I learned German and, while common law, I learned French [ex was Parisian]. Currently, I’m learning Russian after falling in love with Cyrillic script from doing a graphic design project. I appreciate my neighbours and tennis friends who are native Russian-speakers because they’re helping me learn rapidly!

Click my name below to send me an email. I’m on various social media networks including about.me/xinageco so feel free to connect. Thanks!

Cristina Gecolea

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