This Blog!

Hi and welcome! I started Styx Communications in October 2013. I post about Communications, Art and Design. The blog’s purpose is to educate, entertain and inspire you to come back often!

CG typewriter branding

This blog’s Brand Character is

Enlightening, Modern and Entertaining

Who is my audience?

English-speaking people all over the world

When do I post new stuff?

new content gets posted 1-2x a month

WIIFY? “What’s in it for you?”

I’d love for you to learn a new recipe, appreciate a curious photo, pique your interest, or be touched by a heart-warming photo or video of an animal rescue I shared. When you do like what I blog about, by all means, please share it with family, friends and colleagues ~ I appreciate it! I have 3 goals in blogging:

  1. inform you on a variety of topics that add value to daily life
  2. update you with communications info, interesting facts and remarkable happenings in the world of Social Media Marketing, Public Relations and Media Relations
  3. give you something cool to read


Guidelines I set for myself for all my blog posts:

  1. To positively discuss people, places, events or things with respect and the highest consideration. I will not engage in gossip, speculation, assumptions or anything remotely libellous (or can be considered as such).
  2. To post succinctly ~ My posts will be simply put but smart.
  3. To be jargon-free. I want readers to be impressed by ideas, not big words.

Thank you for your time: I look forward to your comments. If you have a blog or post you want to share, please send it to me. I love reading blogs and discussing ideas related to a variety of blog topics. Namaste!

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