Styx Who?

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My cat, my muse and the namesake of this blog is pictured here! As a healthy and rambunctious kitten about to be put down for lack of storage space, she was rescued from a nearby SPCA by Katies Place, a no-kill sanctuary in Maple Ridge, BC. Here, she was originally named Bess and was living there for a year before we* found her in 2012.


Who Exactly is this Styx ?

In Greek Mythology, Styx is a goddess who pre-dated Zeus! Yes, this is the self-same Goddess upon which the famous mythological river is named after. According to

gods were bound by the Styx and swore oaths on it. The reason for this is during the Titan war, Styx, the goddess of the river Styx, sided with Zeus. After the war, Zeus promised every oath be sworn upon her.

Since the day she sat on my lap at the shelter, I swore to Styx that she would live happily ever after with me and her little brother Jubjub (my bearded dragon).  We promised to feed her, love her, house her, cuddle her, listen to her (she’s a chatty kitty, LOL) and make her feel safe, warm and loved! *Now she’s in a furr-ever home with Eric [my ex] living happily every after!

Addendum: 2016, Eric and I separated after 4+ years of being common law. He’d keep her since he named and actually brought Styx into the relationship. I left with Jubjub who I originally brought with me when we cohabited. You can follow/friend Jubby on Facebook at the link above 🙂

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