My 3 Fave Instagrammers

For 2017, here are my 3 most favourite people on Instagram in alphabetical order. They are my friends so please show them some love if you’re on IG! Also, visit me at my channel @xinageco for pics of food, tennis, cats and awesome Vancouver sights.

THANK YOU and wishing you a Happy New Year’s Eve 🙂



Anna Tang is a 13-year old tennis player currently sponsored by Wilson Tennis. Here she is on Christmas day at the tennis courts! Love the Santa hat and her training ethic. She usually has giveaways on her channel so be sure to follow her if you’re a passionate tennis player like me. 



Maleah Quan is my permanent WCW [woman crush Wednesday], foodie friend, and the poster girl for Asian-American hotness! She’s smart, stylish, and strong. Check out her IG and see her daily positivity posts. 



Roman Ansari is a photojournalist I had the pleasure of meeting this summer when he was on a NatGeo assignment in Vancouver, BC [where I’m from]. He does all kinds of photography and I’m a really big fan of his nude series! Being a naturist, I’m fascinated by his ability to capture the female form in the most sensual manner possible! If there’s anyone I’d let me shoot nude, you bet it would be Roman!


Relishing My Pastries

pastries for lunch.jpg
Pastries from Aroma Bakery in Burnaby

Most of you know, I do intermittent fasting which means I skip breakfast so that I can do fasted workouts. I don’t always eat pastries, but when I do, I eat it only for lunch. This pic shows what I had for lunch earlier this week. From left to right, you are looking at a cream-filled dark chocolate eclair, a napoleon which is a Russian-style mille feuille, and 2 cream puffs!

I woke up the next day still f*cking sexy. It’s possible to eat what you want when you eat clean 80-90% of the time, workout smart and keep yourself in vibrational alignment with things, people, circumstances that keep you feeling good.

#HappyFriday #pastries #SOML


Seth Doyle via

by Marcia Sirota, MD:

Friendship, like many other things in life, can have an expiration date.

There are some friends who stay with you for your whole life but there are also many friends who come into your life and are part of it only for a certain amount of time.

Through our lives, we grow and change. Ideally, our friends will grow and change with us. As we mature, we develop different attitudes and different needs.

Some things that we considered necessities in the past become things we can do without in the present; some behaviors political views or religious affiliations that we could accept before become deal breakers, today.

We realize that some people act in ways which didn’t bother us so much when we were younger, but now these behaviors have become intolerable.

As we grow stronger, healthier and more conscious, we begin to see all of our relationships much more clearly. We identify the friends whose values we once shared but who we see today as just too different from us.

Sometimes we simply grow apart as we make life choices which put us in different social or economic circles. Some people choose a more traditional lifestyle while others opt for a bohemian way of life.

We can also get into conflicts or misunderstandings with an old friend. As we evolve and change, they might still be attached to seeing us a certain way. If they’re unable to accept the new, more improved version of us, the friendship can’t be sustained.

Torii and Autumn Equinox

Torii photo by @xinageco

Today’s #TBT photo is from my personal collection. I took this torii [gate] picture when I was at The Butchart Gardens with the Frenchie [ex] and his mother who was visiting from France. There was a Japanese garden there which happened to be my favourite spot. Then and now, gates remind me of the journey we are all travelling as these are symbolic of entry into a new world!

Tonight is the autumn equinox so today and tomorrow, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we will get two days of equal light and dark [that’s 12 hours each of daylight and night]. Following this, we then switch to a period where the darkness dominates so the nights are now longer than the days! This marks Fall’s arrival — you can actually feel the evenings are cooler. If you’re like me, you start to layer up, wear gloves, and maybe even wear a toque, when out for a late-night run outside!

I really love autumn because the flora burst with colour. Here in Vancouver, we get such spectacular hues of red, orange and yellow as vibrantly as possible when it’s Fall! Also, I find it quite romantic outside when the leaves are falling on the ground and the fog starts to be more frequent, haha. Autumn is the perfect time of year to start wearing your fave overcoat, don some warm gloves and drink hot cocoa 🙂

What is Performance Medicine?

This weekend, I visited my friend Dr. Jen Cham at Lougheed Wellness Centre with my doubles tennis partner Emily. We were there to get RockTaped.

RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, which decompresses the area and promotes blood flow.

Performance Medicine focuses on the healthy i.e. non-injured individual by addressing sports medicine and preventative health care needs. For tennis players like Emily, this means to return to play earlier; she is safely supported because RockTape aids her left arm.

For me, it means not missing any training days, rallies or matches because my tricep and elbow is properly stabilized! This leads to less pain when playing and faster recovery when at rest. I feel that I am maximizing my performance on court by being taped. I love it because I can continue to play the sport I am passionate about without interruption 🙂 Winning!

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Osho on Touch

Our bodies are built for connection. Not just a casual hug or hand on the shoulder. We’re built to thrive on love, and intimate touch is a natural physical manifestation of love. And by intimate touch I mean the kind that says “I’m right here, fully present with you, in this moment,” rather than intimacy which is just about genital contact. It’s an intimacy which can be shared with anyone we love, not just sexual partners. Studies have shown that the cells in our bodies expand when they feel love and contract when they feel its opposite, and our ability to use our touch to transmit that energy to another is an innate gift which we all carry.

massage spa

Modern society is moving further and further away from touch as a natural, integrated part of everyday life. To fill the gap, we have created services that people buy and sell, but it’s not the same and we’re losing touch with our own natural ability to bring healing and pleasure to those close to us.

Massage is needed in the world because love has disappeared. Once the very touch of lovers was enough. A mother touched the child, played with his body, and it was massage. The husband played with the body of his woman and it was massage; it was enough, more than enough. It was deep relaxation and part of love. But that has disappeared from the world. By and by we have forgotten where to touch, how to touch, how deep to touch. In fact touch is one of the most forgotten languages.

Healthy Intimate Relationship Key


by Matt Licata, Ph.D

I’m often asked: what is the best way I can prepare for a healthy, deeply satisfying intimate relationship? How can I attract the right partner for me — a person who I can travel with on the journey of the heart, and is truly interested in exploring relationship as a crucible of healing and awakening?

There are many responses to these sorts of questions – workshops to attend, lists of 10 “secrets” to attract your perfect soul mate, 12 steps to manifesting your twin flame, and so forth. It can be important to experiment, with openness and curiosity, any approach that you feel drawn to.

The suggestion I usually make, though, is not nearly as sexy or compelling, or all that fun or flashy: learn how to take care of yourself. Learn how to practice radical self-care, self-kindness, and self-compassion. For to the degree that you are able to take responsibility for your own vulnerabilities and core emotional wounding, it is to this degree that you will release your partner from this burden, which is not his or hers to carry.

So what does it mean to “take care of yourself” in this context?

By “taking care” of yourself, I mean becoming very curious about your emotional triggers, about the feelings you do not want to feel – about your addictions, habitual behaviors, and how much you complain about and blame others and the world for your existential flatness, dissatisfaction, rage, and profound feelings of disconnection. Be willing at times to travel underneath the narrative, the very compelling story of ‘me,’ and make experiential contact with those emotions and sensations that you have abandoned – and at times are seeking in your partner. Make a commitment to stop complaining about your life and instead provide a sanctuary within you for your feelings, emotions, hopes, dreams, fears, and fantasies to unfold and illuminate.

Practice being kind to your feelings and emotions and you will naturally be kind to those intimate partners that are sure to trigger them in you. As long as we are looking to our partners to fulfill those functions that were not offered to us as young children, it will be difficult to come into a fulfilling, loving relationship that is not riddled by the pain of projection. Your partner is there to help you, to support you, but not to take care of or parent you. They were not put on this planet to do your work for you, but to skillfully support you as you turn toward, meet, and metabolize what has been knocking at the door of your heart for so long.

Perhaps there is no “secret” to co-creating a fulfilling, supportive, mutually beneficial intimate relationship, as it is always in the end, a movement of the unknown. Intimacy is not something we can come to, figure out, or “solve” by means of conceptual and egoic process, and may never, ever be resolved into a magical formula. But by learning to take care of yourself, you are creating a foundation upon which the mystery of intimacy can unfold, dance, and come alive within you.