Vegetarian Memorial Video

My 11-year old domesticated bearded dragon (hand-raised lizard) passed away this Halloween (Oct. 31). His death and that of my 17-year old cat in April 2019 affected me so much that I have now been living the vegetarian (mostly vegan) lifestyle.

In this short clip, I pay tribute to how they inspired me to be plant-based now. Have you had life-changing experiences that triggered a paradigm shift in your life? If so, comment or PM me and share. Thank you for visiting!

I have previously blogged about vegetarianism in Plant-Powered Kindness so if this topic interests you, have a look!

Dear Frank: Thank You!

FA (left) posted this November 2014

Heroes represent the best of ourselves, respecting that we are human beings. A hero can be anyone from Gandhi to your classroom teacher, anyone who can show courage when faced with a problem. A hero is someone who is willing to help others in his or her best capacity.

Ricky Martin

In the postcard he sent me in 2012 [below], I was moving after being newly married so to be sure I got my friend’s correspondence, I requested he send it to my parents’ house. 5 moves later [4 with my ex and finally/recently 1 more time after separation], I find this card now! I regret that I have still not written him a postcard back. There is no excuse, I know. I am sorry. I just kept losing this postcard so I’m just really glad to find it now. Unfortunately, I don’t know where he is in order to write back to a physical address. This really saddens me.

Earlier today, because I was organizing my office, I went through a special box of keepsakes. This attached postcard from F.A. popped out. Honestly, I haven’t heard from him since his birthday [June 2019]. I checked his Facebook just now and he hasn’t been online in a year! Mutual friends on Facebook are asking if I’ve heard from him [just before Canadian Thanksgiving] and to keep them posted if I do hear back. Also just now, I even did an Google search to see if it’s been posted he’s deceased, and luckily, nothing turned up about that online! I am really hoping he’s on leave/vacation, or is back to civilian life hopefully working as a Paramedic in NY somewhere as he enjoys that work when he’s not on active duty!

For as long as I’ve known him, he has always been happy, fit, fine (yep, he knows it), and inspirational. It is with utmost sincerity that I wish for your physical safety and good health, Mr. F.A., Jr.! I’m writing this letter to you, openly below, and may the Akash, æther, and energy of all that is, bring you my message. Semper Fi.

Dear Frank: I would REALLY like to know where in the world you are now. It is with hope that I wish you would somehow find this or that someone in the USMC does and realizes it's about you and tell you about it, LOL.  Please know that you are thought of, warmly. I hope I am not too late to say, "thank you for being my friend." I wish you a Happy {American} Thanksgiving on November 28, 2019. 

With Love from Vancouver, BC, Canada
~ your tardy postcard friend and forever friend ~

What Now?

I think for any relationship to be successful, there needs to be loving communication, appreciation, and understanding.

Miranda Kerr

At a party recently, a friend asked me how my “love life” was. I replied I was happily single. They then asked if this was “voluntary”to which I said, “haha, yes” — Duh! After this conversation, 2 other thoughts arose which led me to reflect:

  1. Love life doesn’t necessarily mean “romantic” even though we think it is… Is this because of societal pressure?
  2. I have a lot of things (my books, my clothes) and beings I love (i.e. my cats, my lizards) so I’m quite blessed, IMHO
  3. In the 3 years after I’ve written this breakup post, I’ve had 2 other breakups I haven’t publicly reflected/blogged about. TBH, there is nothing really worth sharing — these were fun, “glad it’s over,” short but intense relationships which led me to choosing consciously to be currently single

I feel empowered by the choices I made … I believe I am the person I am today because of what I learned along the way. All the pain brought growth; all the pleasures brought good memories. The best way for me to explain my rationale is by showing you this video from Stephan Labossiere a.k.a. Stephan Speaks on YouTube.

Single or otherwise, I wish you a joyous, loving journey. Thank you for sharing your time with me. If you enjoyed this blog post, I appreciate your likes, shares, comments, and follows! Take care, and see you next time! 🙂

Alignment Series: Part 1

“When you find alignment, you’re happy by yourself. When you find alignment, you’re happy when you’re with others. When you find alignment, there’s an unconditional happiness, you don’t need people to behave or perform in a certain way in order for you to feel good. You just feel good, because that’s what you’ve practiced yourself into.”


You find things easily flow into your experience. For example, today: you drive to work and because traffic was smooth, you’re there early. Your favourite parking spot is available; It’s the one 3 spots to the door, so you park there. You climb the stairs, appreciating the steps you’re accumulating on your Fitbit. As you walk to your desk, you set your bag down on the table, and then turn on your computer.

When you sit down, you hear footsteps and a happy whistle-tune. You don't have to look up because you know who it is. Your work friend is on his way to your desk with 2 coffee cups in hand. You smile and say "thanks," asking him how he's feeling today.  He answers that he's nervous, as he hands you a coffee, sighing. He has a big presentation later today with with his team and he does not enjoy public-speaking. You tell him to breathe, and offer to let him practice a mini-presentation on you, because you're friends and because you want to see him succeed in delivering his message across. He accepts and walks to his desk to set an appointment to see you in Meeting Room B in an hour . . . 

More colleagues start coming in to work. As people pass your desk by, they smile, nod, and greet you “Good Morning,” to which you say “hello, thanks,” and “Good Morning to you, too!” You inhale the dark roast coffee in front of you and take small sip because it’s hot. You click on Outlook and check emails because this is what you do for work first-thing in the morning. You have reports to compile and send; vendors to reply to; customers to follow-up on; and phone appointments throughout the day.

Before you begin scheduling your tasks in order of priority, you take a moment to feel how amazing it is where you are right now. You feel blessed to work in this company, because it feels wonderful to have good friends at work, a boss who mentors you, and a source of income for the nice apartment you live in! You get paid REALLY well, so you’re able to buy the foods you like, clothes that looks great on you, and allow you to save money for the Parisian holiday you’ve been planning for months now!

To be continued . . .

2019 Best Wishes

Floral Love

Greetings friends, fans, and family! I hope you had a safe and enjoyable new year’s eve! Consider today the 1st in a 365-day adventure. You can plan it out now; let it naturally unfold; or a combination of both. Regardless, remember to always have fun!

You are loved. You are enough.

Thank you for being with me. NAMASTE!

This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best.
William Arthur Ward

The Right Words


“Language shapes our behavior and each word we use is imbued with multitudes of personal meaning. The right words spoken in the right way can bring us love, money and respect, while the wrong words—or even the right words spoken in the wrong way—can lead to a country to war. We must carefully orchestrate our speech if we want to achieve our goals and bring our dreams to fruition.”

Things Are Always Working Out

rose micro shot
“When you are appreciating yourself, and understanding that things are always working out for you, and so you’re in this soft, easy, expectant of well-being state of being; doors just open everywhere!
You know that. Don’t you often get on those little runs where it feels like everything’s just working out for you?
People say the most interesting things to you in the most interesting times and doors just open and things that formally you have thought that maybe even a problem of something that you didn’t want was something that you really needed to know, in order to move to where you’re really wanting to go?
Because things are always working out for you.
This what we have to say to you: You don’t have to be the power that makes this go. You’re not the engine that makes this go. LOA IS THE ENGINE THAT MAKES THIS GO. And you’ve been born into the trajectory with the Source that is powerful, and your singular work, we’re shouting because we so want you to hear this, your singular work is to find yourself in alignment with that trajectory.
And yes, you get to add to this trajectory. Through living your life you get to say YES I’d like some of that and some of that.. But it’s all for this trajectory of eternal unfolding, and eternally being satisfied and happy in this moment in time.
It’s not about working hard and taking the classes and learning the stuff that you can apply yourself that maybe down the road have a dream home or a dream mate or a dream vacation.. Forget all that stuff that’s coming.
What about right now? This is where you’re alive. This is when you’re feeling. This is when you’re allowing the Source within you, or you’re not.
Never mind about what’s coming. Focus on what is, right here and now. And do the best you can right here right now to make it feel as good as it feels.
So complain about something and feel how it feels.
Appreciate something and feel how it feels. Whole lot better!
Condemn yourself and feel how it feels. Praise yourself and feel how it feels.
In another words, focus on the now and do everything and anything that you can do right here and now to feel as good as possible.”

Purr-fect Partner?

“If you really want to find the perfect human relationship,
look for someone who is cat-like,
likes to be alone and happy to be with you,
happy when you are there and happy when you’re not there,
licks your face occasionally, 
will take all the scratching and petting you are willing to offer,
feels secure,
sleeps when it feels like it,
hunts when he feels like it,
basks often.”

dobby rose
Dobby, my Ragamuffin cat

“Are you a Cat Person?

Meditates regularly,
never feels guilty, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever!
Does emphatically what he wants to do,
is always glad to see you,
never cares when you leave…

Seems like the perfect partner.”

Source: Abraham-Hicks 

Why You Should Embrace More


The Unseen Effects Of Embracing Someone by Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D.

Intimacy is one of the most elementary human needs. Its wealth nourishes the human soul. One of the most beautiful expressions of intimacy is when two people embrace each other. This wonderful human gesture — the hug — is a store of great secrets and benefits. So what are the secrets of the embrace? Embrace has a smaller and a greater secret…

The small secret of the embrace is that it has a wide range of positive physiological and psychological effects. For instance, it increases trust and confidence, it reduces anxiety, fear, and pain, boosts the immune system, and alleviates the aftermath of stress.

An embrace means closeness and warmth in human relations, it is the most intimate expression of love. An embrace reinforces connections, it affords a sense of safety and improves the intensity of two people’s sense of belonging together. An embrace provides us with the exceptionally intensive sense of belonging to another person — and it is not possible to generate the same emotion in any other way. An embrace is also a form of communication, and with it, we may express things that we are not able to put into words.

In essence, embracing tranquilizes the soul and, for a few moments, is able to make us forget the things and problems around us, which triggers numerous physical and psychological benefits.

Embracing as a Gateway~
In an embrace, our whole body is permeated by currents of energy, giving us a fine, pleasant feeling. This energy is love. In the embrace, in this current of love, a gateway opens up. Through the gate, some of our original state of existence shines through. This is the great secret of the embrace.

Our original state of existence is a state in which Consciousness is not identified with forms and shapes. This state of the Consciousness is Life itself, the state of Oneness, and empty space filled up completely with the vibrating energy of love that encompasses everything else.

In our present state of Consciousness we identify with the forms and shapes of this reality, and thus we are separated from Oneness. In that state, most of us have forgotten our original state of existence. Nowadays, the majority of people consider the Ego, that small, detached Self, as reality. That is the consequence of our identification with the world of forms and shapes.

An embrace is, however, able to dissolve our identification with those forms and shapes — we open up for the other person, we become receptive, and the Ego disappears. The stream of our thoughts stops, and only the present moment exists for us. Then, at that moment of alertness, we receive something from the immense, universal current of love coming to us through the gate that has opened up for us. Consciousness may wake up to its own existence, and it may escape from the spell of identification with the forms and shapes.

That is why it is useful to make use of the gateway opened up by an embrace as frequently as possible in our daily life.