Torii and Autumn Equinox

Torii photo by @xinageco

Today’s #TBT photo is from my personal collection. I took this torii [gate] picture when I was at The Butchart Gardens with the Frenchie [ex] and his mother who was visiting from France. There was a Japanese garden there which happened to be my favourite spot. Then and now, gates remind me of the journey we are all travelling as these are symbolic of entry into a new world!

Tonight is the autumn equinox so today and tomorrow, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we will get two days of equal light and dark [that’s 12 hours each of daylight and night]. Following this, we then switch to a period where the darkness dominates so the nights are now longer than the days! This marks Fall’s arrival — you can actually feel the evenings are cooler. If you’re like me, you start to layer up, wear gloves, and maybe even wear a toque, when out for a late-night run outside!

I really love autumn because the flora burst with colour. Here in Vancouver, we get such spectacular hues of red, orange and yellow as vibrantly as possible when it’s Fall! Also, I find it quite romantic outside when the leaves are falling on the ground and the fog starts to be more frequent, haha. Autumn is the perfect time of year to start wearing your fave overcoat, don some warm gloves and drink hot cocoa 🙂


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