An Authentic Love Within


by Jeff Foster

Do not wait for a reason to love.

Do not wait for the perfect body, or the perfect thoughts, or the perfect partner, or the perfect success, or the perfect moment. You are not seeking ‘the perfect life’, you see, but the perfect embrace of this imperfect life, the embrace of presence itself, the unconditional love of this unresolved story of ‘me’ that never seems to go the way you planned, at least not for long.

Sometimes, things seem to be going so well! You are manifesting nicely, your vibration is high, your dream is intact. Then, an unexpected visitor. Something breaks, doesn’t go according to plan. A diagnosis comes. A certainty shatters. A stumble or a fall. An old feeling returns, a dread, a doubt, a sense of being abandoned by something that should never have abandoned you. The narrative of ‘my wonderful life’ becomes air. And you are left with life in the raw once again. Unprotected once again. Without answers, once again. Feelings of failure, shame; not knowing how to live.

No reason to love? No, a reason to love even more deeply! To hold yourself in a deeper embrace than ever before. To meet the disappointed one, the abandoned one, the ashamed one, the one with the broken heart. To hold them close, in the warmth of presence. To be here and to hear the birdsong, to touch the morning as the morning emerges. To feel the thud and push and pull of life, where you are, as you are, and to not wait.

You have not abandoned yourself. And this changes everything, even as everything changes. You are so solid, here at the centre of the storm, unbreakable as everything breaks.

Be the embrace, never waiting for love, but loving, even when you feel unloved or unloveable. This will break the cycle of abandonment once and for all. And all the money in the world, all the success, all the fame, all the answers, all the external ‘validation’ or ‘perfection’. cannot touch this divine love.

It is so pure, so free, so authentic. It is you, no longer driven by fear.


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