Coincidence: No Such Thing?

Summer began with me doing things I love: watching theatre movies with friends, going out for dinner with a small group for some good food and company. As well, I spent a lot of time alone: running around the block for exercise, going the the park to read a book, swimming at the outdoor pool or just strolling outside so I can sunbathe!

At tennis, there’s this guy I’ve seen a few times since moving to a new city. One day, someone from my Meetup group invited him to play with us. The next week, I kept seeing him everywhere: I’d run into him while shopping, he’d run into me while running around the block, we’d start going to tennis (unplanned) to practice at the same times.

The following week, the same thing happened again and I clued in that he was likely a local since we kept bumping into each other so much. Anyway, I mentioned this to a girlfriend who said “there’s no such thing as coincidence, you know.”

We are continually shaped by the forces of coincidence . . . Everything can change at any moment, suddenly and forever.
Paul Auster

The next time at tennis, he gave me his number so we could plan seriously training together. Now, we hit on a daily basis: against each other in singles and as a mixed doubles team against others.

When not at tennis, we are usually chatting via iMessage or are actually together sharing a bottle of wine: I like French reds and he likes South American ones. We have these long conversations about books, TV shows, politics, training and sports.

yoga class wine glass

Last nite, I introduced Yoga to our Wine Nights. This involved sips of Chardonnay while teaching him and practicing poses together. For someone who hasn’t done Yoga before, he was a quick study and is more flexible than I anticipated!

I’m delighted at how he’s willing to try new things [Yoga Night, for example]: I just showed up with my mat when he picked me up. He laughed and said,  that was fun!

I bask in beauty of coincidental synchronicity. I appreciate this amazing energy we have. I deeply relish this coming together and have so much pleasure from our co-creating! 


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