Forced Rest Day

“To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.”

Steve Prefontaine (legendary American runner)


At the crack of dawn, I awoke to both my achilles tendons being VERY tender. They’re so sore, I’m actually limping today! You got it: I’m overtrained so I’m on a forced rest day. This is not a bad thing! It just means I’ve pushed my body to its training limits. Well, I am listening to my body and allowing it to recover by giving it the time/space it needs to properly heal.

You see, I was supposed to be at Cypress Falls Park this morning doing a 1.5km hike(Upper and Lower Falls) with an elevation gain of 130m. It’s a glorious day and, thankfully, my hiking buddy is patient and has agreed to postpone our trip to next week. I really appreciate that! 😀

How and Why Am I Overtrained?

March 2016, I added outdoor sprints to my routine. Normally, I do walks outside or treadmill runs in the gym to complement my weight/resistance training. Because the weather in Vancouver has been seasonally nice this year (feels like summer now but it’s only spring), I’ve been going out more! 2-3x a week I do singles and doubles tennis. April, I’ve made new (younger and fitter) friends who let me add an extra training day to my routine. Because I’m purposely improving my reaction time for tennis, we do a lot of agility training and footwork!

Now What?

I do rest, ice and elevation of my ankles today. I don’t need compression bandages but massage would definitely help! This week, I’m heading the wisdom of my body so I’ll back off from sprints and cancel my footwork/agility training. I have the chance  to focus on upper body training so I’m planning on barbell rows, military presses, etcetera.

Since I still have tennis scheduled this week, I’m scaling back to one day less and only playing doubles. I really have to focus on proper placement early (which I should be doing anyway). For sure, there will definitely be less running on the courts (temporarily) until I’m better.

As well, Yoga is in order! Being on a forced rest day, makes me more mindful about my lower body flexibility 🙂

Forced rest is not a detriment! It’s an opportunity to observe, reflect and adjust my training schedule. I get to re-visit my goals and be more efficient by tweaking my existing training methods. It’s a win-win!


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