Anam Cara

APOD Dec15 2007
Mountains of Creation by Lori Allen / NASA
Excerpt from the book Anam Cara by John O’ Donohue:

When you find the person you love, an act of ancient recognition brings you together. It is as if millions of years before the silence of nature broke, his or her clay and your clay lay side by side. Then, in the turning of the seasons, your one clay divided and separated.

You began to rise as distinct clay forms, each housing a different individuality and destiny. Without even knowing it, your secret memory mourned your loss of each other.

While your clay selves wandered for thousands of years through the universe, your longing for each other never faded. This metaphor helps to explain how in the moment of friendship two souls suddenly recognize each other.

It could be a meeting on the street, or at a party, a lecture or just a simple, banal introduction, then, suddenly there is the flash of recognition and the embers of kinship glow. There is an awakening between you, a sense of ancient knowing. Love opens the door of ancient recognition.

You enter. You come home to each other at last. As Euripedes says, “Two friends, one soul.”


The picture above was NASA‘s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) on December 15, 2007. Part of the Cassiopeia Constellation known as the Heart and Soul nebula. I painted the Heart Nebula (in acrylic) and you can learn more about that in the link attached 🙂
To Learn more about Anam Cara, read Tony Cuckson’s 6 Characteristics of a Soul Mate

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