Why I Skip Breakfast

Henry Cavill in the film Immortals

This is my 2nd year doing Intermittent Fasting. I got here after realizing that I was eating over my macros when I switched to Paleo. The first year, I started skipping breakfast monthly until I progressed to 2-6x a month.

I love fasting because I find myself with amazing alertness and energy to do activities (including work and workouts) despite not having eaten anything. I relished the sensation of having an empty stomach. I could push myself to do heavier weights, run or sprint as fast as I can and basically push myself hard when doing sports.

This year, I began intermittent fasts at 2-4x a week. My goal is to do #IF (intermittent fasting) all 7 days a week! This April, I got serious and implemented the daily #IF protocol. In a week, I follow a fast/feast state of 16/8 or 20/4. This means I fast for 16 hours and eat a meal (or two) in an 8 hour period following the fast. One random day in the week, I follow the a 20 hour fast and then eat in a 4 hour eating window. Yes, I workout fasted! When I eat, it’s usually after physical activity and I ensure it’s a feast. I eat until I’m satisfied (not stuffed).

How I Do #IF

I calculated that I burn 1900-2000 calories a day so I eat a late “lunch” of 500-600 calories then a “dinner” of 1200-1400 calories. If I’m only eating one meal, I eat something that totals 1600 cals. up ~ I’ve learned to hit macros of 30-35% protein and 30-35% fat with the rest being carbs from veg. This year, I’m focusing on eating a lot more raw and cooked veggies so that I eat less bread, grains and pasta. I know I can skip pasta altogether as I tried that 2 years ago when I went paleo for an entire year.

I realized that when attending parties, dine outs or potlucks, I couldn’t try foods ordered for me by well-meaning family and friends. I’ve then decided that it’s better to try a bit and not restrict myself from any food in particular (since I don’t have any food allergies anyway). These days, I avoid cakes, candies and sweets, this includes sweet fruits and fruit juices. I consume only filtered water, green tea, homemade Kombucha and (randomly) black coffee.

In 1935, Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote in The Hygienic System:

“The ancient Greeks — the finest of people, physically and mentally that ever lived — ate but two meals a day.”

Why Am I Doing All This?

I want to have vitality, good health and live an amazing life in my physical instrument (my body). Something in my childhood affected me deeply and that’s actually how I ended up loving Physical Education classes in high school and eventually taking Human Kinetics in University.

As I child, I remember my dad, moving in his mom to our apartment before she died. Despite being the youngest child out of 5 brothers, he volunteered to care for my Grandma Consuelo. Lola Elo, as we called her, was a diabetic AND we only found out when she was almost dead (she went into a coma). I choose to believe she died happy, eating the sweets and baked goodies she enjoyed making. Part of me knew she was in pain. I believe that pain/suffering was unnecessary. I think this is why I’m crazy about healthy eating and cooking nutritious meals from scratch. Her death served as the legacy ensuring I remained aware of my own health. Maybe this is why I’ll end up marrying a nutritionist or a buff, health-freak who appreciates my passion for healthy lifestyles, LOL!

Growing up, I realized that I have to take charge of my health and wellness. It wasn’t just about diet, it was everything! This meant keeping my mind sharp, surrounding myself with friends and partners who were good to/for me, working in jobs that challenged and allowed me to grow, and (of course), keeping myself in peak physical condition. Like He-man says, I HAVE THE POWER!

As I delved deeper into learning about the body’s self-healing and self-sustaining capabilities, I started practices that I most others recognize as part of the Nature Cure movement. Things like airbathing, sunbathing, fasting and regular physical activity are all part of something termed Orthopathy, also known as Natural Hygiene. Below is a really good intro:

It’s spring now so I do outdoor tennis, hiking with friends, walking in the park (alone or sometimes with a friend), and sprints and stairs at the outdoor track. I’m astounded by how powerfully energetic I am when I do these workouts in a fasted state!

I am not convincing you to do any of the things I’m doing. I am sharing them with you, in hopes that you’d take a look at your current practices and ask yourself “Is this giving me energy?”

Ask yourself “Am I happy with my body?” and “Can I do small changes to make me healthier?” If you’re already in good health, congrats! If not, there’s no time like the present to incorporate small changes.

When you take good care of yourself, you feel good and you look good. People are magnetized to you by your youthful energy. You’ll be charismatic, whether you try to or not. Good health shines out of you through your glorious crown of hair, your supple skin and your bright eyes. Your body is strong and you do physical tasks with ease. Your mind is sharp and you have better memory. I’ve found the secret to a good life. I’m calling it Rejuvenescence!


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