Church of Iron?!

No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training . . . what a disgrace it is for a (wo)man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which (her) his body is capable.


This is a confession: I’ve always loved barbells. My staples include compound exercises so I religiously do squats and lunges as the base of my workouts. I find it sexy to use barbells for my favourites which are deadlifts, bench presses and rows (upright or T-bar), LOL.

While dumbbells are great for correcting muscular imbalances thru unilateral training, I keep choosing barbells over them. The only times I purposely pick dumbbells are when:

  1. there is no cable pulley system accessible
  2. barbells are unavailable at the facility I’m visiting
  3. I’m doing arnold presses today

If you’re like me, you even have a barbell and a few dumbbells at home because NOTHING COMPARES TO TRAINING WITH IRON! As much as I love hiking, kayaking, tennis or jogging the park, nothing can make me feel as accomplished or (DOMS) sore the next day as resistance training. Growth & progress come from re-building after a catabolic state! This is how I get leaner AND stronger. Movements over muscles: Yep, I’m a lifer at the Church of Iron!


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