Aphrodite (re)Awakened

spring dance

5:55pm yesterday (March 8, 2016) was the new moon. This period is a great time to manifest new beginnings by setting forth powerful intentions. The full moon is coming up in a few days so let’s intend our beautiful future soon 🙂

As I look forward, I take this opportunity to THANK:

  1. friends who helped me pack for my move: Jenn P. and Emily W.
  2. friends who provided moral support: Dithski, Zoey B. and Grover.
  3. friends who guided/supported cord-cutting: K8, Minerva R. and Amadi P.

I APPRECIATE YOU all for being the blessings in my life ~ NAMASTE!

As usual, I close with an excerpt from Abraham-Hicks: Phoenix, AZ on February 01, 2014

It feels so good to realize that the Energy that creates worlds is supporting you; to wake up every morning in clarity, knowing exactly who-you-are; to know that Source is thinking through you; to experience meaningful rendezvous; to dovetail with the right people who give you the right piece of information just at the right time; to never feel dependent upon anyone; to know with clarity who-you-are; to feel the Energy that creates worlds moving though your fingertips and through your mind; to see evidence all around you of the thoughts you have been thinking and to feel the power of who-you-are! That’s what you came for.

Reference: 2016 Moon Phases at http://www.calendar-12.com/moon_phases/2016


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