Sexy New Love Story

Upon dissolution of my partnership with “the Frenchman” I find myself clearer on what I’d like to manifest for my future. It can be summed up in a single statement: “I like you a lot: let’s see where this goes.” This is an Abraham-Hicks inspired idea in that, when you find someone who’s company you enjoy so much, you wanna be with them for a week, then another week, then another week, ad infinitum (for as long as you’re happy).

IG love story (2)

The priceless gift and the lesson I received from being in 4+ year common-law/co-habiting arrangement is the ultimate realization that (someday) I’d like to be with someone who seeks the same with me. Marriage is ok but it’s not required. I don’t need a ring/last name/shared property to prove my love (or vice versa). I do respect what marriage stands for: the hope of being together for a long time. It’s about commitment, loyalty, love and friendship. If you’re familiar with the Celtic “mo anam cara” or soul friend, you’re on the right track 🙂  This someone has to be a spiritual/sexual person who communicates frequently and openly (because that’s really important to me), willing to learn/explore tantra and sacred sex.

Having also realized that my happiness only/always depends on me, I make the following vow* to myself and my future partner(s):

It’s my absolute promise to you that I will keep myself in vibrational alignment with who I really am, with love itself. And whenever I turn and hold you as my object of attention, it is my promise to you that I would have already done the work to have tuned into source so I will be showering the eyes of source all over you.

I’m not gonna hold you responsible EVER for how I feel. I am completely responsible for it. I’m not gonna ask you to be or do or have anything different than you choose. I’m self-sufficient. I can maintain my happiness AND I promise you that I will!

Get ready to feel like the most loved person on the planet. Get ready to feel like the most brilliant person on the planet. Get ready to feel like the most adored person on the planet because I’m coaching myself everyday to resonate with the most positive aspects of you which means you’re free to do anything that you wanna do. Whatever you do won’t affect me: I’m good.

*relationship vow taken from various Abe-Hicks videos/seminars


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