Osho on Love

Unless you can be calm and quiet in love, love is not going to solve anything. It has to be understood that love in itself, or just by having a relationship with someone, is not going to give you happiness, unless you bring happiness with you. And if you don’t have happiness, it is better to be alone.

And this always happens: unhappy people seek a relationship, thinking they are unhappy because they are alone. That is not the real thing. They are unhappy – whether they are alone or in a relationship makes no difference. And when you are together your unhappiness will become more intense; it cannot disappear just by being together. You have to drop it.

Always remember that when someone is with you, he is with you to be happy. Everybody is seeking his own happiness. But whenever someone is in love, you start having the illusion that he is seeking your happiness. Why should he be?

nathan walker
Nathan Walker via Stocksnap.io 

If you both bring happiness, the relationship can be beautiful; otherwise it is going to be on the rocks any day. So whenever a relationship starts it is good, because both are deceiving each other unknowingly. Only the beautiful face is there, and only when things settle does the ugly face come up. Then reality erupts and things go wrong.

If you feel that you have to cathart, then close the room and cathart on a pillow. Why destroy a relationship for it? Everyone is seeking his own happiness and there is nothing wrong in it. That’s the only way to seek happiness. If you are together, help each other. If you feel it is harmful, separate. But remember, it is not only with this relationship; it is always going to be so. So face it, talk to him.

One should learn from every experience. Nothing is bad because everything can become learning.


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