TBT: Kombucha BBT!

I wanted to treat my family to a yummy, home-made drink they’ve never had before which would be good for them because it’s healthy (full of probiotics) ~ that’s how I came up with making this drink. 

Instead of spending money on Boxing Day last year, I treated my family to a homemade Kombucha bubble tea. This involved taking my martini shaker, filling it halfway with ice cubes, pouring in some 2nd-ferment ginger-apple kombucha and shaking it like crazy, LOL! I then strained the drink into clear glass containers which had 1-2 tablespoons of the mix below.

kombucha bbt by xinageco

Caramel Melange

Christmas night, I cooked some mini tapioca pearls and created a homemade caramel sauce in which to soak them with in our fridge overnight. This kept the tapioca pearls cool, chewy and ready-to-use the next day!

Ginger-Apple Kombucha

I sterilized an old pickle jar and took some kombucha from my continuous brew jar, combined it with fresh apple and ginger slices, and stored this concoction on our counter for a week! It was fun to watch the apple and ginger discolor which meant that the sugars were being consumed by my “little helpers.” The former are the beneficial bacteria and yeast who do the job of converting sugar molecules into ethanol and CO2.

The Result

They loved it! In fact, a week later at another dinner party, my mother was telling one of the guests about the awesome Kombucha bubble tea I served!


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