Returning to Shifeon

Christmas 2014, I won the cutest Hello Kitty toaster from Shifeon which included a gift certificate I have yet to claim. Yesterday I returned to the Shifeon store on Robson Street in Vancouver and shopped as a customer. I was looking for a birthday gift for my sister who also happens to be a Sanrio enthusiast.

The moment I walked in, Shirley (the proprietor) was there. She was warm and welcoming as she greeted me. While browsing, she vas very helpful and friendly which I found to be very nice.

Disclosure: Shifeon, Shirley and Fiona (marketing) had no idea I am writing this review. I am sharing my experience because I really am impressed with the service I received while there.

Back to my story

I was looking for a bento box for my sister. I narrowed it down to Hello Kitty and Melody and decided to get her the Hello Kitty one since I remembered she prefers that. When I got my item, I went to the counter to pay. The girl working the till was one of Shirley’s daughters, I think. She was very nice and said “thank you” as I brought my purchase to be scanned. I mentioned I was paying by Interac so she inserted my card into the reader. She said “thanks” as I entered my PIN. She then bagged my purchase quickly and gave me my receipt (I am not uploading a photo of the present because I don’t want my sister to see it in case she happens to be reading this blog, LOL). I said thank you and then …

The Reveal

I mentioned that I was also here in the store to claim a Christmas prize from a while back and that I’d previously talked to Fiona before coming. FYI, Fiona is the skin-care-guru on Instagram and works for Shifeon in marketing (she’s also one of Shirley’s daughters).

Upon hearing this, Shirley offered her congratulations and mentioned that the gift certificate would be applied to any store purchases I made. Since I already purchased stuff, I was now shopping for belated Christmas gifts for me! Pictured below are the items the coupon covered, I just had to pay taxes!

HK shoulder bag
Hello Kitty handbag
melody makeup bento box and notebook
Melody makeup container and notebook
HK bento box
Hello Kitty bento box

I’m grateful to Fiona, Shirley and Shifeon for such a great shopping experience! I am sincerely appreciate being the randomly-selected winner of this Christmas draw. I will be returning to the store again soon because I’m due to purchase more Sanrio stuff for other friends, hehe!

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