Dear Barney Stinson

Just for fun, I AM re-watching all the episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Instead of posting just another inspirational quote, I decided I would do a personal branding exercise instead!

In real life, there is an actual book published of what I’m trying to buy from Barney: It’s called The Playbook. Barney also authored another book called The Bro Code and it’s also on

Below is a letter for my fave character Barney Stinson. You can access the .pdf version available. It has clickable links that drive traffic to some of my online profile pages 🙂

This was a LEGEN – wait for it – DARY #DesignFriday “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

Here’s the PDF version: LTR Styx Cmmctns

LTR Styx Cmmctns 04-12-18-389


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