Zymology: Sneak Peak

Cristina Gecolea

This fall, I unwittingly got turned onto Zymology (a.k.a. Zymurgy). I’ll be blogging about my adventures in food- and drink-making in the new year so please stay tuned!

In 1857, Louis Pasteur connects yeast to fermentation and is, therefore, officially the world’s 1st zymologist. I’m sure others would argue that there have been many zymologists before him as food preservation methods for cabbage have existed prior to this time period; Think of kimchi and German-style sauerkraut!

4 items are what’s on my 1st zymurgy project: The 1st two items are done; the 2nd two are in-progress because their methods are more time-consuming in their fermentation processes:

1. Traditional Korean Kimchi
2. Kombucha (fermented sweet tea)
3. German-style Sauerkraut (the traditional way using a lactobacillic ferment is, IMHO, superior to the American style of just adding distilled vinegar)
4. Flavoured Kombucha (2nd ferment kombucha using fruit and fruit juice) which makes original kombucha fizzier

Zymology is a fun hobby that allows me to use natural processes to create probiotics for improved health 🙂


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