Golden Ears Park: Revisited

Hippocrates once said, “Nature heals — not the physician.” Despite having leftover mild vertigo from the last week of a month-long ear infection, I went on a hike to Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge, BC.

The hike was something I pre-planned a few weeks earlier, and because it was sunny and almost the end of the fall season, I had to do it!

I took it slow because, with each step, I was a bit light-headed. It was a delicious experience to let Mother Nature embrace me. The wind brushed my cheek and played with my hair as I kept walking the path. Along the way, 9 separate groups of people said hi to me (and vice versa).

When I finally got to the waterfall, I saw a rainbow in the middle! I stood there, in awe of the beauty before me. I also spent 15 minutes just standing there, looking at the falls, allowing the wind to blow water droplets from the waterfalls to soak my face and hair. It was rejuvenating! In that moment of time, I relished feeling well. I thanked Nature for allowing me to be here to receive her healing powers.

I remember thinking, “can this day get any better?” when, on the trek back to the truck, a large Australian Shepherd ran towards me. She stopped before me and I reached out to pet her. She barked happily and, in the distance, I saw her owner and another (smaller and older sheep dog) slowly coming towards me. As I walked forward, I said hi to the owner, complimented him on the nice coat of the dogs (they were very healthy, happy and socially, well-adjusted) and wished him a good day.

I’m currently uploading videos of this trip to my YouTube channel and will share them in an upcoming blog post. For now, please enjoy these pictures I took. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. I bid you a good day 🙂


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