What to Do When Your Order is Disappointing

Answer: Improve it.

This blog is about a restaurant experience we had when we went out with friends for a late-nite, post-tennis, Chinese-food dinner. Each of us ordered a dish for the group to share, and while we were pleased with the food we got, one item was just too much for us! This dish was overpoweringly ginger-flavoured and just too garlic-y that we couldn’t eat it.

We didn’t wanna waste it OR send it back to the kitchen so I told my friends at the restaurant that I could fix it! They let me take the dish home. I invited them over for dinner to our place the next day so they could sample my improvements to the dish. Below, I describe what I did!

20140717-185641-68201031.jpg Before Pic at top: Black bean spare ribs with rice rolls. After Pic at bottom: leftovers stored in fridge overnight; added stir-fried bok choy and carrots, next day.

What happened to the rice rolls it came with?

I stir-fried it with soy sauce, black vinegar, cayenne pepper flakes and sesame seeds, as an appetizer, which our friends REALLY enjoyed.


Our guests also loved my new dish because it looked more appetizing (the colours were attractive) but it was also healthier since fresh veggies were added 🙂 I served this dish with steamed rice and Jasmine tea!


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