Xina Paints: “Caprice”

Caprice is my 3rd piece, following Cœur and Autonomie. I am showing you step-by-step, progress pictures i.e. 5 steps of the painting process to completion. In actuality, there were 9 steps needed to complete this work of art. Even if my canvas was already pre-primed, I like applying 2-3 coats of gesso (or gesso mixed with paint to serve as my base layer) before I even begin painting! Below is a summary of the work I did before the photos were taken:

  1. priming the canvas with gesso
  2. sandpapering the canvas AFTER gesso has dried
  3. applying gesso + orange paint
  4. coming back the next day to paint pure brown paint over the last layer

After step 4, I then began covering the canvas with pure black paint using a palette knife a.k.a. painting knife. Everything else is layering paint after this. As learned from my teacher Uma Sharda, I had to move fast and keep on painting while the paint on my palette was still wet! This is to ensure I don’t blow my own creative process by overthinking (which I tend to do). Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing my work as I will continue to post more in the weeks to come 🙂 Thank you!


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