Xina Paints: “Cœur”

Closeup of Coeur by xinageco
Closeup of Cœur by xinageco

This week I’ve done something extraordinary: I’ve painted my first painting! It feels like a work of art PLUS I am really happy with how it looks! I present to you “Cœur” which is my rendition of the heart nebula.

Cristina Gecolea: Cœur

You see, I’ve secretly been doing acrylic painting since January 2015 but I’ve never felt good about my work. I say the word secretly because I couldn’t bring myself to show my art to anyone, except to my sister Kate, who is the painter of Art by K8. My reservations in sharing really stemmed from my feeling sensitive about how very amateurish my art looked, which is no surprise because I am an amateur! As a beginner, I’m still searching for a technique I like and a subject to paint. In the past 3 months, I’ve tried painting landscape, abstract, and a mix of both, but the results just never pleased me!

My Teacher, Uma Sharda
My Teacher, Uma Sharda

The difference this week is that Uma Sharda taught me how to use the painting knives she gave me more than a month ago. They sat in my supply drawer for this long because I have been afraid to use them for fear of cutting my canvas. Uma told me I have to be bold and actually just do that: Press the knife on the canvas quite hard. I did so, and, lo and behold, I did not tear the canvas! I was worrying for naught! Uma recently had her art featured at The Naam in Vancouver.

I’m presently working on Autonomie and Caprice since my lesson with Uma Sharda, who I highly recommend as an art instructor and painting teacher! Her kindness and patience in teaching me is what finally got me out of my shell and fully into the process of creating nebula painting! Please stay tuned as I will share with you more of my art in future posts 🙂 Namaste!


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