Cha.len.gah Boardgame

cha.len.gah box

Out of the corner of my eye, I found this blue box while shopping for clothes at a vintage store. I opened it and found  Cha.Len.Gah. I bought it, hoping all the pieces needed for me to play it properly were inside. When I got home, I quickly unboxed it and was ecstatic to find everything I needed inside!

cha.len.gah board


Bonus: the cards and board were in good condition.

cha.len.gah instructions and cards


Super-duper bonus: the playing pieces and dice are made of wood (I really like that).

cha.len.gah playing pieces and dice

I am excited to get a board-game party going so I can play this game with my friends! In the mean time, here are reviews from Board Game Geek website:

Board Game Geek review 1

Board Game Geek review 2


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