What Styx Teaches Me

What greater gift than the love of a cat.

Charles Dickens

Being owned by a rescue-cat has its perks: I get a constant dose of love bites, head butts and/or unsheathed paw clawing at my arm. My cat Styx shows me her love by sharing time with me when I’m home. She’s my muse, my shadow, my stalker, my biggest fan, my cuddliest friend! Styx is a warm, irresistible, furry creature that eats when she wants, sleeps in a lot,  and loves me through a balanced schedule of attention and inattention, LOL.


When I get ready in the morning for school or work, she waits on the counter checking out what make-up, clothes or accessories I’ll wear today. As I  sit and read a book, she snuggles beside me, sits on my lap or a combination of these. When I get ready for bed, she’s eagerly waiting for me atop the duvet covers.

Styx constantly reminds me to take breaks, have fun and just be. For all the joy, love and lessons you’ve taught me, little kitty, I am eternally grateful 🙂


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