Abe-Hicks: Recipe for Joy

Abe-Hicks LOA card 50

Jerry Hicks asked Abraham if they could offer their version of the 10 Commandments. Abraham said, no, because they would not command anyone to do anything, however they added, “We have 10 good ideas!”

Abraham’s Recipe for Joy

  1. Seek joy first and foremost.
  2. Seek reasons to laugh.
  3. Seek reasons to offer words of praise to self and others.
  4. Seek beauty in nature, beasts and other humans.
  5. Seek reasons to love in every segment of every day.
  6. Look for something that brings forth within you a feeling of love.
  7. Seek that which uplifts you.
  8. Seek opportunity to offer that which uplifts another.
  9. Seek a feeling of well-being.
  10. Know that your value can only be measured in terms of joy.


  • See the light in others even when they don’t.
  • Always look for ways to uplift yourself and others.
  • Uncover those magical keys that connect you to love and joy.
  • Look for reasons to love not find lack.
  • Seek beauty in nature, things, people and experiences.
  • Be an inspiration to others and encourage others to see love and light.
  • Find the funny side of everything and laugh often.

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