On Laughing

Laugh out loud at life. It’s good medicine for your heart and spirit. It’s a way for you to say “Life ~ I’m still standing with my head up high.” Laughter strengthens the immune system and increases your capacity to cope. It has the power to heal you at the cellular level. Sometimes all you can do is to laugh, even through your tears and pain.

When you’re overwhelmed, laugh at your bills, your body, your kids, or at any unexpected challenge of life. This is not denying what is in your life. It’s defying it! One minute of anger weakens the immune system for 4-5 hours, while one minute of laughter boosts it for over 24 hours. So try this. Make silly faces in the mirror, laugh from down deep and bring out the child in you! Find some popcorn, get a few family, friends together and allow yourself to really laugh. Interrupt your worries and choose to make yourself feel good in spite of it all. You Deserve!

Les Brown


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