Nurture Natural Goodness Within Yourself


What is well planted, cannot be uprooted.
What is firmly grasped, doesn’t slip away.
Nurture natural goodness within yourself,
and you will feel its benefits.
Make it part of the family,
and it will grow from generation to generation.
Make it the centre of your community,
and it will flourish.
Make it the leader of your nation,
and it will be abundant.
Make it the whole of your world,
and whichever way you turn,
you will meet natural goodness.
Embrace others as part of yourself.
Treat every family as your family.
See all communities as your community.
Think of nations everywhere as your nation.
Know that your world is everyone’s world.
Why do I see things this way?
Because this is the way things are.

Lao Tzu


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