Disappearing Friends

Note: This is my 1st “opinion” piece. I have strong views that need expressing and I do so here. If you can relate, or have experienced something like my experience, I’d love to hear from you. Please comment or send me an email so I can discuss these (if you’re willing) in future blog posts. Thanks!!!

Disappearing friends: these are friends that are only available to hang out with you when they’re single. They go MIA the moment they find a partner, casual or otherwise.

I didn’t have this type of friend before, until recently, when I learned that one of them is now engaged to someone he met a month ago (sounds like Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother). I just think my friend is commendable for wanting to try again as this is his 3rd marriage now. Wow!

Apparently I’m not the only one who has a friend like this! My BFF’s girl friend does something like this. Her friend hasn’t found the one yet and is usually only available to cry or b*tch about her failed relationships to my BFF. What kinda friend is that?

I don’t know how my BFF continues this friendship with said person (henceforth referred to as Whiny Nelly) because it feels like she’s just being used. My BFF doesn’t see it this way cause she’s too nice. Yes, as a friend, you should be there to comfort your Whiny Nelly in times of need. From my POV, Whiny Nelly is great at take, take, take. It’s an unbalanced “friendship.”

Whiny Nelly is always unreachable when she’s “in a relationship.” My BFF went thru years of a long and painful legal separation and not once was Whiny Nelly there to come to her side during this time. Thankfully, I was there to help my BFF by being her shoulder to cry on.

Is it really friendship if these kinda friends are only available when they are not partnered up? Would a good friend do something like that? Think about the friends you have who are like this and make sure they are not just take, take, taking.

Thanks for listening.


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