The Power of Doing

Tonight on Styx Communications, we have a very special post from Mike Moore, our first guest blogger of the year. You may know him as the Canadian atheist who runs the blog Godless Cranium.

mike moore

Here’s Mike, in his own words:

Gamer who can’t get enough of reading, science and learning. Father of two (not including my adorable dog, Dexter) and lover of the opinionated.

A few other things I enjoy are role-playing games, Game of Thrones, Cosmos, rollerblading, hiking, golf (even if I suck), reading religious, ‘spiritual’, secular material, playing with my dog, hanging with my wife, Clash of freaking Clans…and so much more. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about me and my thoughts, you’ll have to read my blogs.

Please give a warm welcome to Mike! Visit his blog for more of his writing. Contact him directly should you have any questions. Comments are, of course, welcome here! And now, his blog entry:


With numerous people who are in need on this planet, it can seem like the only sensible thing to do is to throw your hands up in the air (or clasp them in front of you in prayer) out of sheer frustration.

What can one person do in the face of all this misery? Can one person make a difference?

As someone working in the social services, I’m here to tell you that you can make a difference in someone’s life. Instead of clasping your hands in prayer, you can choose to do something.

If you see or know someone who is hungry, a prayer won’t feed them.

However, the same hands that you use to pray, could just as easily fix someone a sandwich or help serve a meal to a homeless person in your community. Your hands could help package food at your local food bank; they could bring in a donation of food just as easily.

You may feel that your small contribution isn’t making a difference, but each contribution is like a drop of water in a bucket. One drop of water doesn’t seem like much, but many drops added together can create a river of kindness.

Besides, if you feel that you absolutely need to pray, then you can do so while tangibly helping someone in your community. You can just as easily package food at a food bank while praying as you can if you’re not.

I honestly believe that if we all gave just a little bit back, we could radically change the world for the better. Whether you do that while praying or not is beside the point – that you take the initiative to do it at all is what really matters.

So unclasp those hands, put away your despair and check out the power of doing.

You have it within your power to positively impact someone else’s life. If that isn’t an empowering thought, I don’t know what is.


4 thoughts on “The Power of Doing

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  2. I have given when I knew, it meant my husband and I would not have dinner that night because of it. And as soon as I gave I clasped my hands in prayer and God gave back, so theres nnothing wrong with doing both. Its cool that you are doing some guest blogging now. 😉

    1. Excellent!

      I agree that there is nothing wrong with doing both. Your story illustrates that.

      It was a fun experience to guest blog. I’m grateful that someone allowed me the opportunity.

  3. Hello Diana, thank you for your comment. I think giving gives you something back – a warm feeling, gratitude that you’re able to give, and more blessings in your life. Good for you for doing that 🙂

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