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I planned my time at BCIT Business School carefully so that I took all semesters in my part-time PR program on a full-time basis, allowing me to graduate this summer. Earlier this month, I received a notice saying “due to low enrolment” the last class I’m due to take, which I really need for graduation, “is cancelled.”

When plans change, change plans!

I registered myself in a Coursera class taught by Dr. James V. Green from the University of Maryland. This 6-week entrepreneurship class is called Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies. It’s free and it requires 5-7 hours per week for assignments. Thank goodness for online learning!

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Updates: 06.27.2014

  1. I read some reviews for the online Coursera class above and it was not impressive. I’ve decided to not continue with taking this class.
  2. I just checked online – Fall 2014 registration is now open for BCIT and the class I need is not being offered! This delays me even more from graduating. I hope it’ll be made available in the Winter 2015 semester (wow that seems like a long time from now) OR the next spring/summer sem. because I REALLY WANNA GRADUATE!
  3. Until then, I will continue blogging, reading, researching and keeping myself busy with Tennis meetups 🙂

Updates: 08.08.2014

  1. The class I need for grad has been slightly changed and is now available. Obviously, I’ve registered for it 😉
  2. I asked the academic advisor for help (due to changes in requirements) and a required class in the new system will be recognized as my elective for this coming term.
  3. Due to the above 2 items, this means I get to grad this term! YAAY!!!

Final Update: 12.01.2015

  1. Finished all my required courses and electives Dec. 2014.
  2. Got a position as Digital Marketing Intern at Dilawri Group of Companies when my Digital Branding instructor hired me during the last month of class.
  3. Received my diploma from BCIT in April 2015
  4. I’ve taken online courses in Entrepreneurship from MIT via EdX to further my understanding of how to better serve customers
  5. I’m getting into Graphic Design (I love learning about colours and typography) and I’m going to keep learning on my own and on-the-job because I really enjoy updating my knowledge about business communications and marketing 🙂

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