100 Days of Happiness Challenge

Challenge Accepted

Did you know there is a 100 Days of Happiness Challenge? I just learned about it now. After visiting their website and learning about their foundation, I signed up it for it!

The premise is for 100 days you will post something online that brought you joy. This is for you to focus on the little (or maybe big) things in life that bring you immense happiness!


To take part in this challenge, you posting a photo of a person, place, event or thing that made you happy on the social media platform of your choice i.e. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or (privately) thru email using the hashtag #100HAPPYDAYS

I’m choosing Facebook as the space where I’m uploading my 100 pics simply because I can make an album there to hold all the posts I’m uploading daily. I’m posting the first entry as soon as I finish this blog post 🙂

Join me? This’ll be fun!

Thanks for reading. NAMASTE!

Extra reading: Photographing our daily delights: 100-day happiness challenge has social media users posting shots of one thing per day that brings them joy


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