Less is Happy? Apparently So.

This is a follow-up post on my Spring Cleaning blog published on May 6, 2014.

I recently watched the above TED Talk given by writer and designer Graham Hill. This 5-minute talk deals with letting go of stuff you don’t need or love. He is an advocate of “ruthless editing” which is making sure you have only the items in your life that really serve you.

If you want to know more about Graham Hill’s apartment transformation, click on the link previous to view pics and a vid of his 420 sq. foot NYC apartment.

Me vs. Eric

I am on an ongoing quest for good chi (energy) and great Feng Shui so I keep cleaning and organizing our apartment. Also, I want to be as light as Eric is. He sold most of his possessions in his apartment in Paris before moving here to Canada. For this major life change, he brought with him only one suitcase: all it contained was clothing.

Since moving in together, he has more stuff but it’s shared stuff like our bed, our couch, our guest futon, kitchen appliances and our TV. A survey of his possessions show me he still owns mostly clothing. Yes there are things like work clothing and shoes, tools and manuals for work but those are all required for his job. His only other non-essentials are his snowboard and gear which barely takes up space. He keeps it low-key. I admit my envy at his lightness of being from having less stuff than I do.

In contrast, I have shoes – half of which are comfy shoes which I need for working out, sports participation or casual wear. The rest of my shoes are high heels which I don’t wear. I keep these shoes in boxes so I can wear them for special events like fancy dinners, wedding invites, job meetings or interviews. I don’t enjoy wearing heels: they aren’t comfy and they aren’t good for me. I wanna trade them all in for comfy (but stylish) flat shoes. I can’t do it yet because the shoes are beautiful, in great condition and part of my shoe collection (don’t worry, I’m no Imelda Marcos). In total, I have 9 pairs of these sexy shoes. 9 happens to be my lucky number so I vowed to own no more than 9 pairs.

The Bookworm is also a Bibliophile

I have a lot of books. In fact, all the books in our apartment belong to me. It is a combination reference books, photography books, cookbooks, spiritual books and style guide books. Since starting business school last fall, I have now added marketing and Public Relations textbooks to my collection. I keep all my books in the one bookshelf I have. If I buy any new books, I go through my collection to recycle or donate a book or two.

Now What?

Eric remains one of my inspirations to let go of stuff I don’t need: he’s just so zen! I’m no pack rat but I know I can still pare down my possessions. Later this year, we may move again and it will help me to pack less stuff than I did when we moved to this place a year ago. It will mean that when I unpack, I won’t have so much to do because I own less. I wanna bring only the things that deserve space in my life. I will keep working on it and let you know my progress in another future post so stay tuned!

I love the idea of living a life filled with my favourite things: It’s emotionally satisfying, spiritually liberating and very zen. I wish you the same kind of liberation!

Thank you for reading. Namaste!


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