High-rise Surprise

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Yesterday, as I was prepping food for the Mother’s Day hot pot I was hosting at my place, I thought about birds. It was random. I kept thinking it would be nice to see a crow up-close or even birds playing.

I continued to wash veggies, dry them in the salad spinner and chop them into bite-sized pieces. A few minutes later, I was compelled to walk to the window. I said hi to Jubjub the bearded dragon who was sunbathing, as usual, when he wakes up and it’s sunny out. As I crouched down to pet his face, I noticed something perched on the balcony outside. It was a crow! He was just “hanging out” there. I silently told him to sit still while I grab my camera and I asked if I could take a pic of him. I ran off to grab my iPhone and he was still there when I returned so I snapped the following pictures! 🙂 As soon as I was done taking these pix,  I checked to see they were clear (and they were), he flew away!

I went back to work in the kitchen

It took me 6 mins. to finish cleaning my work space after I chopped the meat I bought yesterday. While packing the raw food away, I saw 3 crows fly by our place, eye-level from where I was standing. They zoomed by so fast, they were just a black blur! They were chasing each other and likely, play-fighting.

I wash my hands and go out to the balcony

There I was: enjoying the fresh, cool air and the warm sun on my skin … I thought about how nice it is to be where I am right now: the 29th floor. I went to look at the trees all around me, in the distance. Suddenly, an eagle flew by 5 feet away from me, also at eye-level. He was letting a smaller bird (not an eagle) chase him. He flew in a circle and the little bird followed him. I’m not sure what bird it was but they looked like they were having fun. It was amazing to see an eagle that close-up! I smiled and saw the eagle finally fly off at a faster pace, leaving the little bird behind because he was done playing. Both flew out of sight: it was a joy to behold!

Welcome to Surrey Central! Even the birds make an appearance 🙂


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