Lightning Strikes Earth 100x/second

James W. Young photographed this bolt striking the Mojave Desert

The earth is struck by lightning 100 times per second per day! According to Wendell Bechtold, a meteorologist and forecaster from the National Weather Service (Weather Service Office) in St. Louis, MO:

Number of thunderstorms occurring at any given time: 2000 
Number of lightning strikes over the earth per second: 100 

Expanding the lightning numbers… 100 per second equals 6000 strikes per minute, 6000 per minute equals 360,000 per hour, 360,000 per hour equals 8,640,000 per day. 

This is the idea behind earthing/grounding: you recharge your body, safely, by harnessing the electrical energy received by the earth from all those lightning strikes. For more in-depth info on earthing. please refer to my blog Ground Yourself. To ground successfully, it helps to be barefoot and on the right surface i.e. sand at the beach, grass, cement.

If you’d like more info on lightning and severe weather phenomena, I came across an informative link from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):

National Severe Storms Library: Severe Weather 101

Thanks for visiting! Happy Friday to you and yours. NAMASTE!

Photo credit: JPL astronomer James W. Young


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