It’s Paddling Season, YAAY!

*click on any pic to zoom-in: this also bring you to slide-show view*

For me, spring is the best time to paddle: It’s not sweltering hot like when it’s and it doesn’t rain too much like in the fall. It’s the Goldilocks phenomenon: not too hot, not too cold (like her porridge selections), the temp. is just right! Being a paddle-lover, I can do this anytime of year! Right now, though, I really REALLY just wanna go kayaking because it’s officially paddle season!

This week I’m catching up on school work and prepping for midterms for next week. When I’m not reading my marketing textbook, I find my mind fills itself with thoughts of where to kayak next! After my exam, Victoria Day long weekend IS coming up so I’m really looking forward to going away and getting my paddle fix, LOL!

OK, I really need to go back to studying but before I go, lemme share with you some pix we took from a paddle trip in 2012 during Canadian thanksgiving (which is in October). I’m also adding one of my fave quotes on paddling from Kirk Wipper:

In its contemporary use, the canoe and kayak become a medium to experience peace, beauty, freedom and adventure. These values are of utmost significance in a world which has lost much of its contact with the profound lessons learned in nature. To travel the paths in natural places makes all the difference, and in this, the canoe and kayak are essential partners.

 Wishing you all a really good week 🙂



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