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Update: March 2016 ~ Since separating from my ex, I now have less stuff than before. I only took half my closet of clothes and a quarter of my kitchen items (the rest I donated to goodwill, gave to close friends or recycled). I feel lighter now and continue the quest to not be attached to stuff. I’d like to be able to travel (now that I’m single) so I want to have only my clothes and some necessities with me. The rest, instead of keeping in storage, would serve others better. I hope to find my items their new homes before the Summer. Namaste!


I’m an ongoing spring cleaning routine right now

3 weeks ago, I finished reading Karen Kingston’s book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: Free Yourself from Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Clutter Forever. The next day after putting the book down, literally after waking up, I immediately pulled out 2 big grocery store bags of clothing from my closet that I’m no longer wearing. I’m donating it all to the hospice thrift store. It took me more than just over a year to purge my closet. It is because there are some pieces of clothing I couldn’t let go of yet. I realized that by having too many clothes, they are taking up space in my closet: this stagnant energy is just making me feel tired and unorganized even though my closet is already quite organized. I know I only wear 30% of my clothing selection. I have finally been able to let go of the extra 70% that I’m not using and I feel quite liberated!

Thankfully, the Master Bedroom is clutter-free already (the only thing there is a lamp and a the big bed). We keep it this way to preserve my sanity, LOL. I did clean it and I wiped the walls, the baseboards and the heater.

house clean

I’ve been going on a cleaning spree since then

When I’m back home from my travels, I just keep on going. I`m on a roll, baby! The past week, I’ve cleaned the kitchen cupboards and re-organized them including the flatware and silverware storage. The following day after kitchen cleaning, I scrubbed the bathroom floors (both Master Bedroom and Guest ones) and cleaned everything in sight in both those rooms, including organizing the storage shelves under the sink.

Yesterday, I cleaned and re-organized the coat closet which has shoes, umbrellas, winter accessories like scarves, gloves and hats and some seasonal stuff (like our tennis racquets, frisbee, etcetera).

Today, I just finished the dining and living room cleaning and de-cluttering all before lunch! I’m really pleased with myself at the progress I’ve done!


The biggest challenge of all

I have one room left to clean: it’s our office/study. This is the most used room in the apartment because my hubby does some of his work there daily and I do my studying and writing here. I have stuff in small piles on my computer desk and I’m actually sorting them right now. I’m taking a break so I’m able to write this blog!

There is also this really big wicker box full of stuff I’ve been putting off cleaning for a few months now. Come July 2014, it will be one year since we’ve moved to this condo we’re renting. I wanna clean it before then! I make it a goal for me to unload more stuff (recycle, donate or trash) things I’ve not used a year, mainly because every time we move it makes it easier. I’m giving myself this week to finally get this done.

Your Turn

How about you? Have you put off cleaning things you know you should for a year or more than? Are you brave enough to share them? Please leave a comment on this blog if you do. If you would like to share some spring cleaning tips, they are welcome too!

Here’s a great link that you can check out to help you get started with your own spring clean: 25 Ways to Get Organized

I also recommend you read 7 Feng Shui Ways to Find Balance in Your Crazy Life

Thanks for reading. Wishing you a very good spring 🙂



3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. Sounds heavenly to have that kind of sleep! Happy to hear you’ve begun this spring cleaning journey as well! Clearing up the space (or at least organizing it better) does wonders with energy 🙂

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