JubJub the Bearded Dragon

Did you know Styx (the cat) has an older brother?

Meet Jubjub, my 5-year old bearded dragonBeardies, as they are affectionately called by their owners, are from the reptile genus Pogona who are naturally found in Australia. Beardies like Jubjub are one of the easiest lizards to care for and they make really great pets as they are low-maintenance.

I’ve had Jubby since he was a hatchling and he has gotten along well with my other cats Isis, Nitro (R.I.P.) and Nitro 2 (from when I was single) before settling in with Styx (the only cat in my married life, LOL).  If you’re looking for a smart, unique and wonderful pet for you or your family, please look into bearded dragons! Here is a care sheet with more info about beardies.

Below is a short video taken Fall 2013: he was still molting hence he is bathing in our sink! You can see the grey areas on his body, particularly the arms and feet! These areas will peel-off naturally and warm-water soaks like these help him have an easier and more comfortable time with this process. Thanks for checking this post out. Namaste!


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