Styx After the Earthquake

*click on any pic to zoom in*

Earlier today, there was an earthquake on the island and we felt here on the mainland. Honestly, I didn’t even notice what was happening until I saw our cat freaking out. Styx ran to hide under the bed and it was then that it was clear: all the blinds in our condo started swaying violently. We live on the 29th floor and, yes, this was really happening!

Later on, thanks to social media, we found out that a lot of people in high-rise buildings located in downtown Vancouver felt it too. We live in downtown Surrey and it’s surprising that we felt it here! Anyway, a few minutes after the last aftershock, Styx finally emerges from hiding and sits on the bed on our comforter (what a fitting name, eh?)!  I took these photos of her to document how calm she now is. I am grateful.


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