Vacationing Close to Home

Last week, I was in Victoria, BC because I just finished the winter term and had a week to chill out before the spring/summer term began! I love being a tourist where I live (in British Columbia) so I tend to choose destinations close-to home to go to! The decision to go to Victoria are based on these reasons:

  1. Victoria, BC was only a 1.5-hour ferry ride away
  2. It’s been 8 years since I was last there
  3. Eric (my partner) Ex was being sent for work there the same week so we could travel together (bonus!)

In the gallery above, you can see I’ve done the touristy-type things expected of me:

  • The 1st three photos are at Fisherman’s Wharf where I’ve had the best seafood chowder I’ve ever had at Barb’s Fish & Chips
  • The 2nd three photos are at Beacon Hill Park: The petting zoo was closed but, luckily, we met some friendly peacocks who let us take their photos
  • The last three photos are at Sidney by the Sea: It was so refreshing to be by the waterfront and then go grab lunch at Maria’s Souvlaki Greek Restaurant where I’ve had the best Gyro Donair and waffle fries of my life

For this post, I’ve chosen the photos that were (IMHO) the highlights of my trip: Obviously, there are more photos on my Facebook page (and videos on my YouTube channel) that show different locations I visited. Out of this trip, I’ve appreciated how spectacular this little island is and how wonderful it is to visit there! What I particularly loved are all the street sculptures in Downtown Sidney. My fave one is this one (shown below) of 2 kids petting a cat – because it’s very sweet and because I’m a cat lover. Endearing sculpture, eh? I just adore it!


Thanks for visiting: NAMASTE!



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