My Fave Prezis


Below are school-related (individual and group) presentations I’ve delivered @BCIT Business School for the Public Relations Program. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Prezi, see this post.

I designed all of these presentations while I taught myself how to use Prezi in the Fall 2013 semester. Let me share them with you, hopefully to inspire you to learn Prezi for yourself and make wonderfully-designed presentations too! 🙂

Click on the underlined titles to access the Prezis

MKTG 1019 – Media Relations by Sabrina Del Monte

CAN-e Mock News Conference

BP Oil Spill Case Study

MKTG 1102 – Essentials of Marketing by Joseph Cuzzetto

Prodigy Parlour 

MKTG 1323 – Effective Public Speaking by Meaghan Taylor

How to Take Care of Beardies

Pebble: Smartwatch

Vancouver: Best Place on Earth!

MKTG 3406 – Brand Innovation and Development by Graham Gilley

Birks 3D

Addendum: June 9, 2015

I graduated from the PR Program already and haven’t had any other classes requiring me to create Prezis. I’m still promoting Prezi to people I’m networking with (e.g. contacts I made online thru the Social Entrepreneurship program from the Copenhagen Business School).


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