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Source: The Now a.k.a. The Surrey Now

‘Party for the Planet’ event moves to plaza at Surrey’s new city hall

Summary: “Party for the Planet” (Surrey’s annual Earth Day celebration hosted since 2011), is moving to the outdoor plaza at the new site of the Surrey City Hall. Scheduled for Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 10am-9pm, with the official ceremony starting at 2pm, live music will be provided by Said the Whale, Andrew Allen, Dear Rouge, Jordan Klassen, Jeremy Fisher, Jodi Proznick and Bobs & Lolo. Aside from indoor and outdoor performances available all-day, guests can access free, family-friendly events, informational booths and activities including a visit from Dora the Explorer mascot (kids’ TV show cartoon favourite).

PR Elements:

  • Primary – Community Relations
  • Secondary – Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
  • Marginal – Media Relations

Good or Bad PR? Good PR

This is a brilliant informational campaign by the City of Surrey to make-up for the lack of publicity and the low-key (note: non-existent) Open House they had in mid-February. By combining the Party for the Planet event[1] with an Opening Ceremony and City Hall celebrations, it appears that Surrey is saving money by throwing one big event (instead of a small open house and the usual/yearly Earth Day concert). With the concert being at City Hall, not only can city administration inform a wider audience of the recent City Hall Open House, they are also able to demonstrate their amazing skills in IMC by hosting the party at the new City Hall. Last year’s Party for the Planet [2] was attended by 20,000 people, with a lot of non-Surrey residents in attendance; this year, a comparable number of attendees are expected and maybe a few more Surrey residents!

Harmony or Discord? Harmony

Surrey’s mayor and her administration are working their usual publicity angle about Whalley (a once undesirable area) now being modernized and beautified. Whalley is Downtown Surrey with all the conveniences of Central City[3] (the major mall), financial and commercial developments, including the satellite campus of SFU in Surrey, the North Surrey Pool and Recreation Centre and the city’s architectural wonder of a Public Library (City Centre[4]), all conveniently located in a 3-block radius. The addition of 3 currently completed, swanky, new condo developments (Ultra[5], Park Place[6] 1 and 2), Surrey seems to be pointing out the fact that a new class of citizens (with money) are moving in, if not already living there. With Park Avenue[7] currently being built (2 condos with a club-style amenities[8] such as a golf simulator, landscaped sky gardens, a pool, a tennis court, putting green, etc.) and Park Boulevard (2 more condos) slated for construction after Park Avenue is completed, this is really about Surrey administration showing-off how much time and money was invested into the Central City (Whalley) area and how the investment has paid off.


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