Horizonte AGM


Slug: Horizonte AGM

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Posting of annual report and accounts, Management’s Discussion and Analysis and notice of Annual General Meeting

Summary: On Feb. 26, 2014, Horizonte Minerals posted their (2013) year-end annual report online along with discussion and analysis from management. To view the report, click the permalink. Shareholders are also informed of the AGM (Annual General Meeting) on Mar. 26, 2014 at 2:30pm in London.

PR Elements

  • Corporate Relations (primary)
  • Investor Relations (secondary)
  • Media Relations (marginal) because this is an actual media release

Good or Bad PR? Good PR

Harmony or Discord? Harmony

This internal communications effort from Horizonte Minerals is succinct and easy-to-read. Although the headline is long, it’s actually very informative so that if an employee, shareholder or someone on the board of directors didn’t have time to read the release now, they know what information was released when and where it can be viewed (online later) had they not received the hardcopy report. Horizonte is effectively using the power of Media Relations to broadcast their message: contact information is available from Horizonte representatives after the boilerplate.


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