4 comments on “NEKnomination vs. RAKnomination

  1. Hi Cristina,
    Your blog video and post was very interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I had never heard of NEKnominations, but as per your opinion, I too agree that it is very stupid. As for RAKnominations, I think they are great. Having social media helping as a trend setter, why not have positive trends that actually make a difference. I have heard of some friends who have had random acts of kindness brought onto them, which hit the facebook waves. Those RAK’s are so selfless and they make the world a much better place to live in. I am all for it! Thanks for your post 🙂

    P.S. I love how you used bullet points on your post to make it more fun to read. It would have been nice if you included a link to the CBC articles you were referring to.

    Melanie Chui

    • Hi Melanie,

      Thank you kindly for your comments specially about the stylistic aspects of my blog; I was wondering if I had too many bullet points OR if this was working better than paragraphs! Good to know 🙂

      Social Media does help with publicizing activities and if trends are to be set, I agree with your comment that it does help! I think there is a mimic-ing capacity in the younger generation (aside from the wanting to show-off part) and hence NEKnominations have become popular. I am truly grateful there are enlightened and kind individual who do participate in RAKnominations!

      The CBC articles were linked in the blog. The 1st one was “NEKnominations are dumb” – the underlined word NEKnomination appears under the “stupid drunk” dog pic. The 2nd one was about RAKnomination on the “I LOVE RAKnominations! :)” line – this appears under the pic of the firefighter giving a Koala bear some bottled water. If you were viewing the post on a mobile device, it may have not been so obvious had it been on a desktop/laptop browser. To be sure people know where to click, I’ve added notes on exactly where to click. Your question allowed me to refine what may have been an unclear part for some readers. Thanks!


  2. You’re right, RAKnomination is awesome. I have seen some of the NEKnominations on YouTube, and they are dangerous and pointless. RAKnominations restore my faith in humanity. Great post!

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