Timmy’s 5-yr. Strategy


Slug: 5-year Strategy

Source: CBC

Tim Hortons enhances Roll Up the Rim ahead of 5-year plan


In Canada, Tim Horton’s released the enhanced version of their Roll Up the Rim to Win contest earlier than scheduled. This strategy is due to 2014 being the 50th anniversary of Tim Horton’s (see related media announcement here). Contest period begins now and continues until April 25, 2014 across Canada and the United States. Tim Horton’s is also unveiling their 5-year sales strategy next week at an online investor’s conference.

PR Elements:

  • Event Management Planning (primary)
  • Investor Relations (secondary)
  • Media Relations (marginal)

Good or Bad PR? Good PR

Harmony or Discord? Harmony

  1. By rolling out the contest enhancements early, Tim Horton’s is able to implement the changes longer. I expect this extra time to allow more participants to engage in this contest/marketing campaign.

  2. Because this is the initial announcement (and not a report about the investor conference itself – which hasn’t happened yet), I have identified this story as Event Management (primarily). This story relays a bit of their strategic vision and the cause for their action i.e. boost sales to compete with stiff competition with McDonald’s and other fast food vendors.

  3. Tim Horton’s is able to publicize their actions through CBC, effectively using the latter as a platform for Media Relations. They also have a media announcement, complete with boilerplate, on CNW (Canadian Newswire).

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