My Top 10 Fave Sites: You won’t believe #5!

As a busy student, there are sites I love visiting daily because they are fun! Some of them I visit for their functionality i.e. they make my life easier. Let me show you my Top 10 fave mobile apps and why I love them! I will also refer to the non-mobile counterparts of each one.

For organizational purposes:

  • When I say “app” I refer to an iPhone app
  • When I say “non-mobile” I refer to the same site accessed on a laptop/desktop

For a close-up look on the mobile apps I access regularly:

  • Click on any of the iPhone photo captures below
  • Note: When I have it, I attach my profile for each app

I dig all these apps equally hence they are all my favourites!

In no particular order, they are:


1. Yahoo Weather (default app on the iPhone) and The Weather Network 

Rationale: I like to know the temperature so I know what to wear (or if I need to bring an umbrella) when I go out for the day. I also checkout the 7-day forecast often, haha!

2. Google (app) including Google Drive and (non-mobile) viewed using Chrome Viewer (my fave browser) because I love having the “apps” accessible in the toolbar


Rationale: Google is my go-to app for doing research for school and for everything else! I love working on collaborative documents with classmates when we have group work; I really find Google Drive useful for sharing documents!

3. Wikipedia (mobile) and (non-mobile)


Rationale: I love how Wikipedia IS an online encyclopedia; Info is so accessible! The thing to be careful about is the information source i.e. do they have the right credentials to be contributors? Cover your bases and make sure they are credible and reliable sources. Other than that, I usually do quote stuff from here, including inspirational quotes.

4. Prezi Viewer (mobile) and (non-mobile)


Rationale: I love cloud-based presentation software because it makes my life easier: As long as there is internet access, I can present at school by connecting to my Prezi profile! I have done many presentations since I discovered/learned about Prezi. I do wish you could edit your Prezis on mobile! Alas, for now, it’s good to just be able to view them on mobile.

5. SKY.FM (mobile) and SKY.FM Radio (non-mobile)

sky fm

Rationale: I love listening to the Smooth Jazz and Cafe De Paris channels when I’m writing or doing research: so glad this internet radio station is free! There are premium channel subscriptions for commercial-free listening although I really find their commercials sparse and non-intrusive!

6. facebook (mobile) and (non-mobile)


Rationale: I love using facebook for keeping in touch with family and friends all over the world! I like getting emails, IMs and timeline posts from my fave people. I also love posting stuff there: I usually share inspirational, fun, funny stuff on my personal timeline. I also have Xina Dharma Blessings with info about my cooking; this is a great platform to connect with people who share my love of food and photography!

7. Happier (mobile) and (non-mobile)

happierRationale: I deeply appreciate the all goodness in my life and I get to count my blessings online with a bunch of people who share the same reasoning as me! I fell in love with Happier since I heard about it during Nataly Kogan’s TED Talk. I started using this app in October 2013 and I currently have 333+ happy moments there!

8. LinkedIn (mobile) and (non-mobile)

linked in

Rationale: LinkedIn is such a wonderful professional networking tool. I am glad to re-connect with classmates and colleagues. I also am really grateful for making new contacts along the way!

9. Tumblr (mobile) and (non-mobile)

xina tumblr

Rationale: Since I love making food and taking photos, and since I also teach cooking, I needed a place where I could showcase my food presentation pictures. Sincerely happy about Tumblr being free and so useful to me!

10. WordPress (mobile) and (non-mobile)

styx comms facelift

Rationale: I always wanted to have a blog that looks great when viewed on mobile. Before October 2013, I didn’t know how to use WordPress. Now, I am very well-versed at using WordPress for publishing my content and I really enjoy making weekly posts!

How about you?

Do you have a Top 10 list of fave apps or sites? I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Top 10 list! Please comment: I wanna hear about what you like!

Thanks for visiting my blog: Come back soon!


4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Fave Sites: You won’t believe #5!

  1. Hi Christina!

    Nice top ten list and interesting to see the order which you posted them. I like how you combined a mix of personal/leisure-related apps with practical work-related ones. Have you ever heard of Songza? You probably have, that’s my favourite radio station-type app, although the playlists can be very hit or miss. Do you have any favourite food blogs you like going to for inspiration in your own cooking? I admire you for being able to figure out wordpress, although it is a very basic format I was having troubles with it when I started purchasing ‘themes’ from private companies. I use Squarespace for my blog and I find it very easy and actually fun to use. Here’s a link to their website incase you’re curious:

    -Meagan (Social Media marketing classmate!)

    1. Hi Meagan,

      Thanks for the reminder, of course I remember you! We`re in the same Social Media group for the audit and the marketing plan! We`re even connected on LinkedIn, one of the apps I mentioned here in this post 🙂

      I appreciate you reading my blog and commenting! Good to hear you’re into Songza! Actually I also use that app but I made the decision to not include it in my list because I don`t use it as often as I do the SKY.FM one!

      I don`t have a particular fave food blog for cooking inspiration though I am subscribed to Japanese Cooking 101`s YouTube channel since I like learning more about Japanese food! I just really love cooking and as with most people who do things they love, I find this comes out of me organically.

      I will checkout Squarespace because I love learning about blogs. Thanks for the link!

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