4 comments on “My Top 10 Fave Sites: You won’t believe #5!

  1. Hi Christina!

    Nice top ten list and interesting to see the order which you posted them. I like how you combined a mix of personal/leisure-related apps with practical work-related ones. Have you ever heard of Songza? You probably have, that’s my favourite radio station-type app, although the playlists can be very hit or miss. Do you have any favourite food blogs you like going to for inspiration in your own cooking? I admire you for being able to figure out wordpress, although it is a very basic format I was having troubles with it when I started purchasing ‘themes’ from private companies. I use Squarespace for my blog and I find it very easy and actually fun to use. Here’s a link to their website incase you’re curious:


    -Meagan (Social Media marketing classmate!)

    • Hi Meagan,

      Thanks for the reminder, of course I remember you! We`re in the same Social Media group for the audit and the marketing plan! We`re even connected on LinkedIn, one of the apps I mentioned here in this post 🙂

      I appreciate you reading my blog and commenting! Good to hear you’re into Songza! Actually I also use that app but I made the decision to not include it in my list because I don`t use it as often as I do the SKY.FM one!

      I don`t have a particular fave food blog for cooking inspiration though I am subscribed to Japanese Cooking 101`s YouTube channel since I like learning more about Japanese food! I just really love cooking and as with most people who do things they love, I find this comes out of me organically.

      I will checkout Squarespace because I love learning about blogs. Thanks for the link!

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