Beer Passport

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Source: The (Toronto) Star

Canada’s Olympians enjoy passport to free beer

Summary: Canadian athletes at the Sochi Olympics can access as much free beer “as they see fit” with their valid passports.  The fridge doors open only when those with the right passports scan them.

PR Element: Integrated Marketing Communications

Good or Bad PR? Good PR

Harmony or Discord? Harmony

I love how Molson Canadian creatively uses PR and publicity here to promote their company and their product: beer! I believe this is a great strategy as people love getting free samples. Bonus points on the feel-good aspect for Canadians handing out the free beer to other people! Also, this is a re-visit of a very successful beer fridge marketing campaign from before. Checkout The Beer Fridge – Scan Your Passport | Molson Canadian YouTube video here.

Feedback from other people (as quoted in the article) suggests some are envious but happy for us:

“Well played, Canada. Well played,” tweets ABC News producer Meredith Frost.

“1st time I’ve ever wanted 2b Canadian,” confesses John Elder of Nashville.

“This is why Canada is the greatest country in the world,” raves a tweeter who identifies him/herself as “FromIceLevel.”

The deft marketing move has also drawn favourable nods from major media, including USA Today, whose writer excitedly raved, “This Canadian beer machine is the most amazing technology in the Olympics.”

Additionally, this article on Mashable mentions: “If there’s ever been a winning strategy to increase immigration to Canada, this is it.” Proof of more publicity about this campaign from other admirers!


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