Responsive Bell


Slug: Responsive Bell

Source: Financial Post (National Post)

Hacker group posts usernames and passwords from more than 20,000 Bell customers

Summary: 20,000+ small business customers of Bell Canada had their usernames and passwords exposed online yesterday; 5 valid credit card numbers were also posted. Hacker group NullCrew is responsible for the attack and they proudly tweeted this info at 6am yesterday.

PR Elements

  • Crisis Communications (primary)
  • Ethics (secondary)

Good or Bad PR? Good PR

Bell reacted quickly: they disabled passwords of those affected and contacted those customers. Bell also alerted credit card companies to what just happened then released a media statement on Sunday. I applaud what they did which was respond quickly, minimize damage done (by disabling passwords) and inform victims of what transpired.

It would have been nice to know what caused this (hacking) to happen and what Bell Canada is doing now to prevent future situations like this. Have they beefed- up their security?

Harmony or Discord? Harmony

I really like that Bell is working with “law enforcement and government security officials” as mentioned in their media release. They are investigating the incident and is also working with their Ottawa supplier, effectively covering all their bases.

I cite this as ethical communications too because Bell Canada did what I thought was necessary to uphold a credible image to those concerned i.e. they were honest, fair and showed consideration to those affected. I am a Bell Canada (residential) consumer so I am glad they made information accessible relating to my particular service. They allayed concerns of other Bell Canada customers (residential, mobility, and enterprise business customers) by informing these customers that their IT system and network were not hacked.


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